Storytelling-based solution for social-emotional (SEL) learning for families

Storytelling-based solution for social-emotional (SEL) learning for families

Use our innovative gamified digital and non-digital tools to create your family’s stories for your children to improve family SEL.

Turn your family into the main character of their own story and develop self awareness, resilience, emotional intelligence and social skills

Our family SEL solution

The platform encourages intergenerational interaction and storytelling, while also offering instructions and educational materials for adults.

Thanks to the high enjoyment index, the family ambience becomes more positive.

Family stories and playing together results in advanced social-emotional skills.

Cross-cultural stories celebrate diversity and cultural heritage.

Social-emotional learning serves as a protective factor that assist families in achieving healthy outcomes as they grow and develop resilience.

Online and offline resources allow families from all socioeconomic backgrounds to have access to our solution.

Storytelling-based solution for social-emotional
(SEL) learning for families

Create a safe place for
your family stories

Combining SEL with intergenerational storytelling our family SEL solution enables families to build and share their family stories in a playful, exciting, and innovative way. We offer an SEL toolkit and an ad-free application with thoroughly researched content by educators, children’s literature experts, and psychologists. Accessible on mobile devices, computers, online and offline.

Choose a topic

Choose your topic from the inspirational interactive books or use the templates that included stories about persons with disabilities, religious or ethnic minorities, people of colour, native/Indigenous peoples, women, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Use the toolkit

The story editor toolkit provides you ready to use personalized SEL-focused storylines with complete narrative scenes. The package is contained customizable harmonious animated characters, backgrounds, and props. To enhance the digital experience, we also offer quality off-screen activities for the whole family.

Record your voice
and share your video

Use your voice to tell your story. Our inbuilt text to speech program generates automatic text highlighting to make the reading process easier. Once you finished your story share it with your family and friends, to create more and more best practices on a specific topic.

How does our digital tool enhance the stories to help
children acquire better social-emotional skills?

AI-based Story Editor

Ready-to-use Illustration

Trigger Questions

In-Built Animations

Voice Over

Offline Version

Supporting Materials


Use our resources and guidelines to create
your own family scrapbook


Activity tips



Question Cards

Meet the team

We believe that storytelling gives children opportunities for a brighter future

Zoltán Pompor, PhD
Literacy Expert

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CEO, Co-Founder

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Head of Partnerships
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International Partnerships

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Chief Techology Officer

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Business Development Director

Monica Rodriguez Salvo
SEL Expert

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Researcher of playful inquiry
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Zoltán Sóstai, PhD
Head of Production

Dominika Gyanyi
Psychologist specialized for SEL

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Stories for family SEL